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SEK International School Guatemala


The importance of Early Childhood Education is fundamentally due to the fact that it is the period in which the individual assimilates the greatest stimuli from the environment and builds the foundations for his/her subsequent training.

We consider two fundamental and necessary levels as part of child development: an initial level of recognition and awareness of the social and physical environment, and the second level of consolidation and acquisition of the necessary tools to enter Primary Education.

In addition, we initiate the child in learning the English language, with 70% of the workload dedicated to this subject, focusing on principles of globalization, integrating the different areas that make up the curriculum; so that this type of education allows them to progress accordingly with the needs and demands of today’s society.

We seek to stimulate and promote the comprehensive development of the child during this period, with the help of a team of educators of the utmost professionalism and human quality, who continuously monitor the evolution of each child, and maintain permanent and regular communication with parents.

Our active, cheerful, playful, and imaginative methodology stimulates the child’s creativity and ability to observe, providing great results. This methodology has as one of its fundamental succors the inclusion of new technologies, highlighting a cutting-edge tool, the iPad, which allows learning to be improved in all its facets.

Thanks to the privileged location surrounded by nature, and the extensive facilities, students have different resources such as gardens and animals, where they can investigate and discover first-hand the natural environment that surrounds them, thus promoting environmental education.

Our constant concern for the well-being, evolutionary development, and learning of our students makes this center a quality educational benchmark in Guatemala.


Being bilingual nowadays is a necessity. That is why at SEK International School -Guatemala we offer, from very early on, an excellent English curriculum, thus guaranteeing complete language proficiency.

This language proficiency program is completed with the possibility of participating in a eight to twelve-week program abroad, at our US School, SEK-PREPARATORY School (Boca Raton, Florida), or participating in intercollegiate activities on a worldwide scale offered by the Institution. Some of these activities include; Sports – InterSEK and Cultural – InterSEK.

Since 2007, elementary school students have had the opportunity to perfect their English by studying abroad at St. John’s School in Sidmouth, Devon, UK.

Our 2 and 3-year-old students receive 90% of their classes in English and 10% in Spanish so that their listening skills become more acute and familiarized with the language.


Providing students with vital experiences, significant learning, strengthening oral and written expression, and educating with joy and freedom are the main objectives pursued by Primary Education.

The use of a greater number of educational and technological resources will make it easier for children to internalize knowledge as well as give them time and the opportunity to participate and be protagonists of their own learning.

To this end, the use of digital tools and iPads have been introduced as devices that streamline the educational process and bring it closer to the new reality for our students.

This section continues with the broad study of the English language not to mention the fact that most of the subjects are also English based.


The main objective of Secondary Education is to help our students to be men and women with open minds and critical spirits, educating them in tolerance and respect, and promoting progress and culture.

To achieve this, we implement new pedagogical initiatives that allow us to accelerate the enrichment of our students in a constructive and emotionally motivating environment.

We emphasize the following aspects:

  • An academic curriculum in an interdisciplinary regimen with an intensive study of the English language will provide students with a multicultural perspective, which has become of the utmost importance at present time.
  • The development of ethical values ​​continues to be the center of convergence and irradiation of the entire educational process. Both academic performance and good conduct at the Center will be the basic rules in the selection and permanence process of all who form part of the School.
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