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Extra Curricular Activities

SEK International School Guatemala

As a complement to academic training and based on the comprehensive development of the student, the School organizes a series of extracurricular activities. The nature of these activities is diverse and is in accordance with the interests of the students themselves, highlighting among them those of sports and artistic nature.

Below are some of the activities offered throughout the year:

  • SPORTS: Volleyball and Soccer – Primary and Secondary school students.
  • BMX: Primary and Secondary school students
  • MOUNTAIN CLUB: Primary school students.
  • SHORT FILM WITH LEGO: Primary school students.
  • SIGN LANGUAGE: Primary and Secondary school students
  • CREATIVE CUISINE: Primary school students.
  • KEYS AND STRINGS: Primary and Secondary school students
  • WOOD SHOP: Primary school students
  • PAINTING ON FABRIC: Primary school students.
  • WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP: Secondary school students

Other activities:

Festivals: These activities concur with Christmas vacation and the end of the school year. Festivals are celebrated with student participation in different activities held at School. Exhibitions of extracurricular and sports activities also take place during this time of the school year.

Didactic Outings: During the year students, accompanied by their teachers, visit different places in the country such as museums, parks, factories, exhibitions, and historical sites, among others, in order to extend educational experiences outside the classroom.

Educational Field Trips: We currently have two trips scheduled during the year. 7th-grade students go on a cultural and recreational trip to Costa Rica and 11th-grade students travel to Valencia, Spain.

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