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Institutional Activities

SEK International School Guatemala

Thanks to the membership of the SEK Guatemala International School to the SEK International Institution, our students have a unique opportunity to participate in international activities organized by the Institution in which students from all its schools meet.

Interrelation and cultural exchange is one of the fundamental objectives of these activities, which are annual and take place each year at the headquarters of one of the Institution’s Colleges. A unique, international and global experience that only SEK School students can enjoy.

Residential Summer Camps and Courses at St John’s Int. School

Courses of short duration are offered at St. John´s in Devon, England for children between the ages of 9 and 16. Students are accommodated at the school for a minimum of half a course and participate in all of the school’s academic and extracurricular programs. St. John´s also offers summer camps for a period of four weeks in July and August. Students between the ages of 7 and 16 may attend for 1,2,3, or 4 weeks. Every day of the week includes three hours of English classes, followed by a great variety of sports and cultural activities.

For more details, please visit the  school’s website.

Actividades institucionales
International English Program Boca Prep International School

This program, which has been in function for the past ten years, offers students of the SEK International Institution, between the ages of thirteen and sixteen, the opportunity to continue their education in the English language.

Boca Prep International School is an official U.S. school. The program has a duration of three months, but can be extended for up to a year.

To obtain further information, contact the International Program´s Director of your school or visit the school’s website.

Actividades institucionales
White Week

An annual event that gathers students from all IES and SEK schools around the world to practice a variety of winter sports.

For more information, visit your school´s website:

Actividades institucionales semana blanca
A truly global experience

InterSEK is a worldwide sports and cultural competition that takes place every year at one of the SEK or IEs schools. In 2016, cultural InterSEK was held in Ecuador followed by a sports InterSEK in Guadalajara, Mexico in 2017. In 2018, all IES and SEK schools were invited to Budapest to participate in the cultural InterSEK. The objective of InterSEK is to create a unique experience based on respect among the different SEK/IES communities, as well as promote a healthy learning environment, a cultural exchange, and of course, competition.

For more information, website.

Green Week

Green Week shows young people, from the age of 13, the environmental riches of Costa Rica and its extraordinary natural resources. Students visit some of the most incredible wilderness of this impressive country. Green Week is organized by one of the schools of the SEK International Institution with support from bilingual staff (English and Spanish).

For more information, contact the International Programs Director at your school or visit the website .

Actividades institucionales GreenWeek
Clinic de fútbol

Thanks to the agreement between the SEK International Institution and the Real Madrid Foundation, our students can participate in clinics or intensive football courses at the “Ciudad Real Madrid” in Valdebebas, Madrid (Spain).

With an extensive programme of sporting and cultural activities, students participate in elite training and competition led by expert Real Madrid coaches in the largest sports centre ever built by a football club.

Students aged between 10 and 14 will be able to participate in the September 2023 call and students aged between 15 and 17 will be able to participate in the April 2024 call.

These are unique experiences for the education of our pupils, in which they will experience their passion for sport alongside their classmates from other member schools of the SEK International Institution.


SEK Bridge Program

The SEK International Institution is organising the SEK BRIDGE PROGRAM which will take place from the 1st to the 15th of July at the IUNIT Campus, a Higher Education Centre located in Madrid, Spain.

SEK Bridge Program is a work immersion experience exclusively for students from member schools of the Institution who want to do professional internships in real companies, helping them to gain clarity when deciding their path after graduation.

This international programme is held at the IUNIT Campus, Higher Education Centre, located in one of the most historic and central neighbourhoods of Madrid (Spain), within walking distance of our academic centre and just a few bus stops away from our career-based learning partners: Fundación Real Madrid, EsRadio, Libertad Digital, DistritoTV and Aramark.

A great opportunity for our students to prepare themselves to train their minds with the best, work on their skills with executive mentors and enjoy a unique programme in one of the most vibrant cities in Europe.


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